Looking into building a new home? We have simplified the new home building process.

Reinbrecht Homes has simplified the home building process with semi-custom homes.

Each of our  new home floor plans  comes standard with high-quality construction and customizable features inside and out. The floor plans have predetermined features, like the placement & sizing of rooms, and all other customization choices are yours from there.

Learn more about all features that are included in the base price of a standard floor plan in our  standard features guide .

When you choose a floor plan with Reinbrecht Homes, many expenses are already included in the price. We also offer  free construction financing  up to $200,000, allowing you to achieve your dream home affordably.

Begin your new build home today. With unprecedented low interest rates, you can save big.

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Floor Plans

Life comes in stages, which is why we offer a variety of floor plans to accommodate a growing family or help you downsize to simplify things. Check out a few of our most popular floor plans below, and browse through  all of our floor plans  to find one that perfectly fits your needs & style.

The Locust

From $251,950

The Cobalt

From $234,950

The Juniper

From $167,950

Why Build With Reinbrecht Homes?

Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses After Downpayment

Typical home builders require you to get a construction loan. Construction loans mean you must make interest-only payments to your financial institution throughout the duration of the build. With Reinbrecht, there are zero interest-only payments and zero out-of-pocket costs from the time you make your down payment until closing.

Down Payments as Little as $1,000

Some home builders require you to put anywhere from 5% to 20% down up-front. Reinbrecht Homes allows you to put down as little as $1,000 to get your build started – with no more costs until closing.

High-Quality Standards

Each of our floor plans comes with a variety of customizable options. Every component of the home – from the driveway to the roof – has a standard with high-quality materials.

Custom Feel

Our semi-custom homes offer the look and feel of a custom home without the complexity of designing one from scratch. This gives you the ease of a move-in-ready home with the design customizations you love.

New Build Homes Project Gallery

Explore some of our recent projects below.

With Reinbrecht Homes, extra comes at no extra cost.

Every home we build comes with high-quality materials, customizable features, and energy efficiency built into the cost. Each of our floor plans comes with endless combinations of customizations, from the color of the front door to the closet shelving.

Fixed-price contracts so you won’t have to fear surprise over-budget costs.

It’s important to understand what goes into the estimated cost so that you won’t experience any unexpected costs during the build. Interior costs, exterior costs, and upgrades are the determining factors in the estimated cost of your build. This means that every customization you choose – from the closet shelving to the roofing – will affect your estimate. With Reinbrecht’s fixed-price contracts, you won’t have to fear surprise over-budget costs. The price you see on the estimate is the price you can expect to see on the contract. The only way that price will change is if design changes are made during the project.

We offer free construction financing up to $200,000.

We want to make the home building process as simple and affordable as possible. We offer free construction financing up to $200,000 – not only making building your dream home a reality but providing the support to achieve that dream affordably. Free construction financing is available on  all loan types – whether it be a standard mortgage, FHA, VA, or USDA loan. Loans must go through one of our partner banks.

We originally planned to remodel a family farm house, but after talking with friends whose homes were built by Reinbrecht Homes, we decided we would be happier with new construction. Kenny met with us within a week of our call, started construction within four months, and finished well within the projected completion date!

Kevin and Janice Raber

Kevin and Janice Raber

Mt. Carmel, IL

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